Irreversible Progress of Entropy


Glass (sculpted, cast, blown), silver, copper, steel
University of Illinois Chicago, Engineering and Innovation Building, permanent commission
Produced with the assistance of the glass gaffers at Firebird Community Arts in Chicago
15’l x 9’w x 13’h

Entropy is one of the prominent laws governing the universe, and in the fields of chemistry and physics it is interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness within a given system. Entropy requires the passage of time for its evidence to be seen whereas constructing and maintaining order demands effort.

The forms that make up Irreversible Progress of Entropy struggle to bend away from the exposed system of entropic decay. The objects endeavor independently and synchronously to transform or sublimate, and creep into their own order of disarray. Molten glass is shaped into forms that draw upon Plato’s solids, yet move within and away from this empirical aesthetic to become abstracted and indeterminate. Copper grids and metals embed themselves into some of the volumes. The grids distort and blow out to become in-between geometries married to the once viscous matter.