The Second Law of Thermodynamics: ENTROPY


12’ w x 12’l x 16’h
Proposal: UIC Engineering College, Art in Architecture
Proposed materials: blown and cast glass, copper, steel, silver

The layperson to science may know of entropy from their own personal experiences, when figuratively speaking order seems to imperceptibly and irreversibly creep into disorder; the house is falling apart, or personal accounting from finances to love gets messy. Entropy is one of the prominent laws governing the universe and in the fields of chemistry and physics is interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in a system.

Entropy requires the passage of time for its evidence to be seen whereas constructing order demands effort. Artists and scientists are creators of order, fashioning the unruly and pesky materials of the universe into forms and inventions that restack the decks of time.

My proposed sculpture: ENTROPY, flirts with crafting the stable object within the arena of the rickety.

Molten glass when shaped and cooled to reflect the moment of making can act like a snapshot. It has the power to “hold” the moment the shape is created, attempting to put a clamp on the Arrow of Time. A fossilized mosquito in amber, a frozen popsicle, photography, the bare cliffs of Death Valley, once molten glass,,,these are things that allow us to re-experience an instance that has passed. One that could have occurred last night or on an eve a billion years ago.

In ENTROPY, molten glass is shaped into forms that draw upon Plato’s Solids; three dimensional shapes where each face is the same regular polygon. Plato theorized these Solids were the building blocks of classical elements; earth, water, air, fire. ENTROPY’S glass sculptures move within and away from this empirical aesthetic to become abstracted and less determined, sharp corners evolve into rounded puddles. Metal fragments are incorporated into the glass; broken rods of steel and copper grids embedded into some of the volumes. The grids distort and blow out to become in-between geometry, married to the viscous matter. The copper grids, silver skins, and steel rods originate from minerals created from the origins of the universe, some minerals native to our planet, others arriving as permanent tourists.

ENTROPY, willfully destroys exposed systems of knowledge. Systems still visible yet transformed and sublimated by the liminal, the other, the heat or the will to alchemically metamorphose.